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Greetings and welcome to my site. My name is Teiqua Y. founder of Queens Crown LLC. I am a cosmetic chemist and esthetician. I specialize in corrective and preventative skin for multicultural skin types, by healing and revitalizing multicultural skin types with a combination of modern day technologies and ancient healing practices. I create custom products with innovative ingredients and provide services with proven results. At Queens Crown, our goal is to create a beauty experience inside out.



Danielle, Brazilian Wax 

I really thought I was  gonna almost die but it was a great first time experience lol. You're really great at what you do. I'm def never ever shaving again. I'm telling everyone who'll listen about you. Thank you so much

Kiesha, Strawberry Leg Treatment & Dutchess Detox Facial

Out of my 44 years I was taught or had a skin self care routine. I have ways to go but legitimately see reddish brown hairs for the 1st time I can remember in a long time in my inner thigh. 

Nesh, Skin Care Products

During my pregnancy, I have been using  your products to improve my skin. I got rid of my stretch marks with Royal Balm! I got rid of my old stretch marks and now my skin is so supple and soft. I doubt I'll be seeing any after baby! Yay, thank you!


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